Theming for WordPress with Docker & Webpack

I’ve been looking for quite some time how to set up an ideal environment to develop my themes in WordPress using the power of Webpack. After trying out different setups I think I finally found one which matches my way of working. The basic structure My biggest issue with previous setups was the fact that […]

Easily ship your JavaScript packages

If you’re into JavaScript you’ve used at least one package from NPM. It’s easy to install and maintain, and it saves a lot of work from your end. The endless number of packages keeps growing every day as is the community maintaining them. But how do you create a package of your own and how […]

Prevent devices from going into sleep while on a webpage

Imagine you’re following a recipe guide on your smartphone or tablet and having to unlock the device every time you need some information or want to go to the next step. Your hands are probably dirty, the device might be out of reach, or you have to bend over steaming boiling water.