First of all, my actual name is Stijn Van Wijmeersch, but as I mention on my curriculum vitae you can just call me Stino. I was born in Ninove, a Flemish city in Belgium. My mother tongue is Dutch, so please forgive me if you catch me on grammatical mistakes.

Me as a kid

I’ve always been a huge fan of technology ever since I was a kid. Any electronic devices given to my were carefully opened and dissected … and never put back together of course.

Next to that I really liked the outdoors as well. I wasn’t clustered to my PlayStation or television screen. But even then, I was always building things. I picked up skateboarding, which was actually me and some friends building quarter pipes, “fun boxes” etc, but not actually skateboarding.

Fortunately we didn’t have smartphones or tablet back when I was a kid. You had regular television where you would watch something when it was broadcasted, or you had to remember to tape it.

What else besides development

Next to web development there is more in life like racing cars and music! I’m an F1 fanatic and like sleek cars. As a huge fan of the iceman and Daniel Ricciardo I try to watch every single F1 race possible. Thanks to F1 TV I really get a good experience every time I watch a race.

But one of my biggest passions has to be music and events. I really love the Q-Dance and Bass Events festivals and venues. My favourites have to be Reverze, Qontinent and Defqon.1 ofcourse. If you’re not familiar with these events, chances are small you’ll like the music. It’s hard pounding beats starting at around 150 BMP and don’t stop somewhere half way 200 BMP.

The thing about hardstyle and hardcore is it’s going beyond music. When you’re out there it feels like you’re one big family. Here’s a little preview which almost makes you experience that same feeling. And how could I end this post better than with the music that gives my energy every single day.

Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019 anthem