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Prevent devices from going into sleep while on a webpage

Imagine you’re following a recipe guide on your smartphone or tablet and having to unlock the device every time you need some information or want to go to the next step. Your hands are probably dirty, the device might be out of reach, or you have to bend over steaming boiling water.

A picture says more than a thousand words

When building a website or maintaining a blog it might get quite difficult to always find an image which goes with your content. You don’t want a mess of product logo’s your post is about nor do you want an “amateuristic” one being on top of your beautiful post. Stock images can cost quite some […]

Automatically build and deploy your websites

Developers websites don’t always use fancy content management systems, but are build up using a module bundler like Webpack. An example for such a website is my curriculum vitae. This way you can enjoy your coffee, or whatever you’re drinking.