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Chinese domain name scams

A few days ago I’ve received an email from Mike Zhang. It looked like an ordinary email from someone who was concerned about the usage of my domain name. However, after 5 minutes of research, it seemed just another group of domain name scammers.

Easily ship your JavaScript packages

If you’re into JavaScript you’ve used at least one package from NPM. It’s easy to install and maintain, and it saves a lot of work from your end. The endless number of packages keeps growing every day as is the community maintaining them. But how do you create a package of your own and how […]

Happy with my new AirPods

I’ve been doubting to buy the new Apple AirPods for quite a while. After hearing some pretty good comments about them I eventually decided to buy a pair. I do not regret!

Prevent devices from going into sleep while on a webpage

Imagine you’re following a recipe guide on your smartphone or tablet and having to unlock the device every time you need some information or want to go to the next step. Your hands are probably dirty, the device might be out of reach, or you have to bend over steaming boiling water.

A picture says more than a thousand words

When building a website or maintaining a blog it might get quite difficult to always find an image which goes with your content. You don’t want a mess of product logo’s your post is about nor do you want an “amateuristic” one being on top of your beautiful post. Stock images can cost quite some […]