Chinese domain name scams

A few days ago I’ve received an email from Mike Zhang. It looked like an ordinary email from someone who was concerned about the usage of my domain name. However, after 5 minutes of research, it seemed just another group of domain name scammers.

I got this email from Mike Zheng which was sent from a domain name which looks leggit ( The domain name is one of the first things I check to verify if it’s scam or not. So both the senders email address as reply address were the same and the website behind the domain name looked like it could be a real business.

The story

So Mike got a request to register, and so on. He checked the original (which is mine) and would like to verify if the person requesting those domain names was indeed a business partner of me.

After analysing the email I had a good feeling about it, but I wasn’t convinced yet. Why would anyone check if the people trying to register a domain name, had anything to do with my business? That doesn’t happen for any other extension like .com or .net.

In case of doubt, Google is your best friend.

First thing I usually do is search google for the domain the mail was sent from. Normally you get a ton of results which don’t matter and don’t really clarify what you’re looking for. But this time the first result was to a post by Matt Lowe on his blogpost about Chinese domain name scammers he got in touch with.

Apparently the scammers try to convince you to buy those domain names yourself to protect your business. Matt got a list of prices for all the domain names suggested and got to a total amount of € 3,315 or about $ 3,700. The only thing I can do is give the same advice as I got from Matt:

Ignore, delete, and keep your money in your bank where it belongs.

Matt Lowe