Happy with my new AirPods

I’ve been doubting to buy the new Apple AirPods for quite a while. After hearing some pretty good comments about them I eventually decided to buy a pair. I do not regret!

Connecting & configuring

You can easily connect your AirPods to your iPhone by simply opening the AirPods-case. A menu will appear on your phone where you’ll be able to just press connect, et voila, you’re ready to start listening music, watch a video, or play games.

If you would like to change your AirPods name you can do that in the settings menu found under Settings > Bluetooth and then press the info icon next to your AirPods.

Your AirPods will also automatically be connected to any other device you’ve linked with your Apple account, like an iPad, Macbook, Apple Watch, …

If you wish to connect your AirPods with another device, you just simply press the button on the backside of the case for a few seconds until your device finds it in the Bluetooth device overview.

Easy to use, fitted for some

They are quite easy to use, and I found myself using Siri more since I use the AirPods. From the 2nd generation on the AirPods can listen to the “Hey Siri” command, so you can use the double tap for other purposes. These can be found in the Bluetooth menu as well. Personally I set ‘Next track’ on the right AirPod and ‘Previous track’ on the left AirPod.

When I started using them I was a bit worried they would fall out when moving around, but they fit my ear very well. However, when my girlfriend tried them out, they would just fall out without her moving. So I guess you have to have the right type and shape of ear to use them.

The automatic ear detection works perfectly. When I’m listening to music, and get a Skype call on my work laptop I always had to hurry to pause music and answer (or just miss) the call. Now I just take out my AirPods and the music pauses by itself, which is really handy, especially when listening to podcasts.

Good sound quality, great battery life

Despite some bad comments on the sound quality, I find it to be pretty well. Sure, not as good as an over-ear noice cancelling headphone, but good for in-ear headphones. I did use the equalizer though to spice up the sound to my liking.

The battery life is just what Apple promised it to be. Most of the time I use my AirPods when I’m at work, or home alone. I can just put them in in the morning an use them until lunch. They’re not empty by then, but I put them in the charging case for about an hour while I have lunch, and use them for the entire afternoon.

Do I recommend to buy them?

Well, if you have Apple devices lying around I definitely do. They’re a nice replacement for my NC headphone, which is quite a hassle to switch from one device to another. Now I only use that one when I really feel the need for it.

I do believe in better alternatives for non-Apple devices. You lose quite some functionality when you connect them to a non-Apple phone in which case they’re just some expensive earbuds which can’t do anything out of the ordinary.