Automatically build and deploy your websites

Developers websites don’t always use fancy content management systems, but are build up using a module bundler like Webpack. An example for such a website is my curriculum vitae. This way you can enjoy your coffee, or whatever you’re drinking.

Tools available

I use for my automated builds and deployments, but you could do it within Gitlab, Github or whatever tool you like. They differ from configuration, but it the end all of them have the same goal: test, build and deploy to production.

Why Buddy?

Buddy comes with a clean UI and great experience. It automatically suggest which tools you’re using, and has a great way of configuring without having to loose yourself in endless Yaml-files. I use it both for this blog and my curriculum vitae, but other will follow soon.

Once I’ve finished my local development I push everything to my repository, and once it’s merged with the master branch, it automatically gets deployed to production.