Apps you need on your Macbook Pro

I’ve recently bought myself the new Macbook Pro and made it a personal mission to keep it as clean as possible. My previous one was filled with tools and apps I never used.


If you’re not into the default mail client deliverd by Apple you could always switch to Spark. It has a Mac, iPad & iPhone version which sync perfectly and bring a better email experience.

Better Touch Tool

A lot of window managers exist for Mac OS, but Better Touch Tool is probably one of the better ones, if not the best. Next to window snapping it comes with a configuration to add custom gestures on your keyboard, touchpad, magic mouse … and it extends the customisation for the touch-bar. The app isn’t free, but definitely worth the money.

We Transfer

The We Transfer app is just a little, but yet amazing tool which you can install on your Mac. It creates an icon on your statusbar on which you can drop files. Files are uploaded to We Transfer and you get the link to share them with friends, family and co-workers.


The neat little Amphetamine plugin prevents your Mac from going to sleep, or show the screensaver. It gives the possibility to add in “triggers” so you could activate it automatically when you’re on your home network for example.

Bitdefender Virus Scanner

Mac OS used to be free from viruses and malware, but that’s quite an overstatement these days. Since it’s becoming a more popular platform you just can’t be careful enough. Bitdefender is a lightweight app which can check your Mac for infections.

Unsplash wallpapers

If you’re like me, and don’t want to see the same wallpaper over and over again this app is definitely a must. It can automatically set a new wallpaper every day, or every week. In case you want more control, you can disable the feature and just choose one whenever you feel like.